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Card Member Dispute Form Please check only one item and print all information. Use a separate form or additional pages to document each dispute. Your Name: Card Number #: XXXIX XXX Home Phone # Work
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Each should be different for each account) I am concerned about the following Transaction: “For this transaction, my wife's card was declined by the seller, and I also had to call Visa Customer Service because the merchant never contacted us by phone. In addition, the merchant failed to honor the card until I called Visa. This was my first time opening a card with Visa, but it did not go through correctly this time.” (Please provide as much detail as possible) I have not received the merchandise. The merchandise does not seem to be here. I did not notice the items do not seem to be in the package on the point of my purchase (a few days post). I am concerned that this is a scam, and we have to contact our bank to report this. In addition, this was the second transaction that I tried to make with our local retailer. I received similar responses to this issue from the other location, but we decided to place this order at the next location. Is this a pattern that you are seeing? I do NOT have a problem in buying goods for my husband. I purchased a new set of golf clubs and a set of new shoes, and they did not arrive. So, after I called a little later I was able to track these from eBay, and I was able to track where they went. I received one week later the second item. So the problem wasn't that I had to call Visa for assistance. Now I am looking at my credit report and if my credit score goes down I have a problem. This isn't a problem. However, we are in a bind and don't have the money to chase it down at this time. Will you help us out to get my credit score back up? ANSWER: For Credit and finance solutions I visit this site where you can find all the solutions. RELATED FAQs: Where can I get money back on my credit card? After doing a survey this past summer I had a credit card from a different company cancelled. I was paying cash, and this cancelled the account and took 600. That was in January 2014. If I do my monthly statements you can see that the credit card balance and what is being paid out is in line.
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